About the Book

A spirited and practical guide that provides wealthy families with the tools to flourish well beyond their financial means.

Too often, successful families are overwhelmed with the responsibilities that come with success-dealing with familial tensions, striving always to do what’s right, and worrying about the impact of their abundant lifestyles on their children and grandchildren. Perry gives us ways to temper those burdens and counteract the temptations of wealth with connectedness, human values, and joy. A Wealth of Possibilities can help us all create thriving, flourishing families.

What separates financially successful, multigenerational families who flourish from those who languish?

With professional knowledge, informed reflection, and poignant and charming anecdotes, Ellen Perry shares her twenty-five years of experience advising more than one hundred wealthy families.

A Wealth of Possibilities is a variegated road map of many accessible paths and byways for anyone seeking to improve his or her family’s internal communication, cohesion, and sense of well-being. Offering a bounty of practical advice, thoughtful insights, and probing questions, A Wealth of Possibilities provides commonsense approaches and profoundly meaningful solutions to many of the most vexing issues confronting wealthy families.