• “Ellen Perry draws upon her enormous experience in working with many generations of many families who possess great financial wealth to create this unique and practical book, a concise guide for families who want to get it right, to do as right by each other as they have by their finances, and to reach the end of life’s journey fulfilled and joyous, knowing that not only have they earned much money but they’ve shared much love. I give this book the highest marks.”

    -Edward Hallowell, M.D., author of The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness

    “Comprehensive, focused, and immediately useful, A Wealth of Possibilities is an articulate and enjoyable book dedicated to guiding families of significant wealth on their journey of multigenerational sustainability. This book is a mesmerizing combination of practical ideas and personal stories.”

    -Mel Lagomasino, CEO, GenSpring Family Offices

  • “Hidden among all those books on families and wealth management was a book that needed to be written, a book that would explicitly tell you how to create a joyful and healthy family in the midst of wealth and privilege! Perry writes with a generous heart clearly experienced in these very human affairs.”

    -Charlotte B. Beyer, Founder, Institute for Private Investors

    “Ellen Perry has long been recognized as a leading advisor and educator of very wealthy families. Now her experience is being shared with all families in her deeply insightful book. She takes readers on a journey that will, if its advice is heeded, enable families to flourish. Run, don’t walk, to buy and read this book.”

    -James (Jay) E. Hughes Jr., author of Family Wealth: Keeping It in the Family and Family: The Compact Among Generations