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Thanksgiving seems like a good time to mention 2 thoughts about this holiday: firstly, many consider it a “risky” holiday—lots of concentrated family time, much food and drink, and voila’, family tensions can rise (none of the goodwill that comes with the gifts at Christmas). This means that sharp words can be exchanged and feelings can be hurt or worse, relationships can be damaged.
But I have an additional corresponding thought– the most important treasure that your family holds, sits around the Thanksgiving table with you. Those family members who share your meal are the key to your family thriving. It’s not the complex business strategies or clever estate plans that will carry your family into the next generations- it’s those beautiful, complicated, annoying, flawed, glorious, loving family members reaching for another piece of pie! They are the key.

Next Generation thoughts

I am often asked by wealthy parents and grandparents the best ways to raise competent, compassionate, productive young people. They ask how to avoid raising entitled and dependent kids, and how to teach them fine lessons on investing and being fiscally responsible. These are all worthy questions and goals. And years ago, I had answers that included lessons on finance, and curriculum designed to enhance their skills in these areas. My colleagues and I designed and delivered dozens of wonderful programs to inheritors. I have come to believe, however, ┬áthat there is just one problem. It didn’t work.

What these young people need are not teams of experts delivering customized programs to them 2 or 3 times a year. What they need is hands on, real life, day in and day out experience. ┬áSo while we were teaching them personal finance, their parents or family offices were paying all their … Read More

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Happy New Year

As we usher in 2013 let me begin with expressing my gratitude to all the readers who have shared thoughts and feedback on the book with me. The most frequent comment I receive (besides the one that begins, “I have always dreamed of writing a book”) is that A Wealth of Possibilities is not just for the wealthy but for many. These readers share with me that they have bought copies for friends and family members who do not have great financial means, but who might find the ideas interesting and helpful for their families.

I am very curious about this and would love to hear more.

Happy New Year! – Ellen… Read More

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